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Allison, Owner

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Hi, Allison here! I feel like my mission in life is to notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. This commitment to see beyond what’s in front of me was fostered by a degree in Philosophy and Theology from Boston College. I’m a book nerd and hoarder, and credit my parents and inspiring English teachers for my love of reading and writing. I earned my Master in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College and then taught high school for several years, both in New England and San Francisco. After moving from San Francisco to Boston with my engineer husband, I began teaching yoga and working as a social media marketing consultant.

Now a Portsmouth resident, I spend most of my days with my daughters (ages 6, four and 18 months!). I do my best to find the bliss amidst the endless snacking, dance parties and tiaras. With all the beautiful chaos in my life, I’m grateful to have a partner-in-crime (husband Charlie) and fellow movie quote enthusiast alongside me.

My passion for writing first drew me to Seacoast Moms as a contributing writer, then as SM’s Director of Sales. Now, I own Seacoast Moms and am totally loving it! Being able to write about the ordinary grace present in motherhood, while interacting with incredible Seacoast business owners is a dream come true.

Say hello here: allison {at} seacoastmomsblog {dot} com



Hello, I’m Airial! Though a New Hampshire native, I moved to the Seacoast in 2003. I am a former business owner and self-proclaimed “mompreneur” (mom+entrepreneur), who made the transition to a stay-at-home parent in 2014. 

I am a mother, adoptive mother, and foster mother, with four daughters and two sons ages nine and under. Yes, that totals SIX kiddos. I have come to recognize my super power is the ability to wrangle large groups of children without losing my mind! I adore home cooking, sensible shoes, and attempting (daily) to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Read more over on my blog:


Seacoast Moms Contributors

Hi. My name is Brinn and I’m an Exeter mom but I have lived all over the Seacoast. I have spent the last 16 years working in the Recreation biz. Currently I manage the Portsmouth Senior Activity Center and the Portsmouth Holiday Parade. Before Portsmouth, I worked for Rochester Recreation & Arena…Some of your children might have been taught to skate by me! I started my career in Boston at the New England Aquarium and pretty much love all animals. In my free time I volunteer for the Marine Mammal Rescue Team at the Seacoast Science Center. Originally from Cape Cod, I moved to New Hampshire in 1999 and live in Exeter with my husband and 4 children. As a full time working mom of 2 daughters and 2 stepdaughters, I juggle work, family and an ever growing schedule of activities for our household. In addition to my children, I also live close to my parents and thankfully they provide Grannie-Uber service on a daily basis. Follow me at @brinnieloohoo on Instagram to learn more about my #forrealmama journey and struggle with sweets.


Seacoast Moms Contributors

As a life and style contributor, I love showcasing pieces that are excellent investments that endure through years to come. My style could be described as classic and timeless with a touch of trend. The experience of business ownership, military service, and all the career changes that ensue with multiple relocations and having a husband who travels FT for work have given me a broad view of life. These experiences equip me to share lifestyle suggestions and advice.

I pressed pause on working as a dental hygienist and Les Mills instructor. Instead, I launched the See Beauty in Everyone business in October 2018. I created See Beauty in Everyone to represent brands and businesses through life and style influence, ambassadorship and market affiliation. My natural influence in real life is now being shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest through the See Beauty in Everyone name.

My family and I love living in the Seacoast. My favorite thing in Summer is to head to the beach at 5 o’clock and stay until the sun sets. In Winter, it’s sledding and skiing with a mixture of getaways to warmer places. My kids are a blend of Lebanese, Irish, Italian and Korean ethnicity. So much delicious food at the Khoury house! My adult son, 2 teen & preteen girls + 1 baby boy = the loves of my life with the greatest of all time love being my husband Gary. Together we share life, making it through the best and the worst, always emerging with more strength, more humility and an even richer life than before. Stay tuned for more insight, humor and lifestyle shares and find out more about me at


Seacoast Moms Contributors

Hello, I’m Heather! Born and raised in New Hampshire, I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to raise our two tiny humans, Stephanie and Uriah, alongside my husband in the beautiful Seacoast community. As a mental health therapist by trade, and full-time mama by life, I find balance in helping my kids to explore the world through deliciously messy play, connecting with other families in the area, having a good belly laugh, and enjoying a strong cup of coffee.

My passions include pouring my heart into writing, getting lost in watercolor painting, spending time along the ocean, and discovering new recipes to cook up for my family. When I’m not chasing after my kids or digging in our garden, I work to educate and share about essential oils use for mental health and holistic wellness.


I fell in love with the Seacoast while at UNH and thank my lucky stars to have been able to call this area my home since then! I became a local elementary school teacher and happily taught as a classroom teacher and reading specialist for 20 years. During that time, I had my daughter, was a Girl Scout leader for many years, and went through 2 divorces.  Lots of good memories…and lots of hard lessons learned.  
My most recent life lesson: one must take care of themselves while parenting & working! Yep, my body gave out in and was demanding a healthier lifestyle. Finally, I listened, made major changes and went back to school for yoga, health coaching, life coaching, mindfulness and reiki.  
My mission now is to help others, especially moms and teachers that have put everyone else first and are ready to be healthier and happier themselves. I am a certified coach that works 1:1 to create lasting lifestyle, mindset & nutrition changes. 
I live with my husband & daughter in Portsmouth. Travel, adventure, nature, redecorating and family movie nights are the things that light me up and bring me energy. My goal is to live as large as possible while trying to make a positive dent in this world.  
Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook  or



Hi, I’m Katie! I’m the youngest of six children, born and raised in New Jersey. After graduating with an English degree from Boston College, I stayed in the Boston area and worked in advertising as a writer. I took a break from full-time work when my son was born in 2012, and I’ve been a latte-loving freelance writer ever since. I’m into pop culture, comedy, and wearing comfy clothes whenever possible. Check out more of my writing:


Seacoast Moms Contributors

Hello, I’m Laura! The night I fell in love with my husband, I drank too much Patron and choked on a cherry I was trying to eat seductively. Despite my best efforts, chaos reigns. Ever set underwear on fire? Accidentally flung a brownie at a selectman? Fallen fully clothed into a bathtub of freezing water? I have.

I’m a potty-mouthed mommy of two little girls, farm wife, photographer, writer, and special educator. I’m happiest barefoot in the sunshine, playing with my kids, drinking tea with gal pals, or reading something a little smutty. I believe life’s best lessons are learned in chaos.


Seacoast Moms Contributors

Hello, I’m Lindsey! Originally from the West Coast, I moved to the Seacoast after college and found a permanent home with my husband, two kids, dog and cat. I’ve held a lot of titles including Marine Biologist, Wilderness Instructor, Teacher, Writer, and Mom. I am passionate about the outdoors and am always up for an adventure. Part of the joy of being a mom is to share my passions with my children and provide quality learning experiences. I share more family-friendly adventures on my blog The Freelance Adventurer. Follow me on Instagram 



Hi, I’m Lindsay! I’m a wife and a mom of two little ones. We recently moved to Portsmouth NH to settle down after a very busy few years living in NC, FL, and CT. I’m a passionate photographer working primarily with families to capture them in the most authentic way. Having kids of my own and wanting to preserve all of the real life, day to day moments, is what pushed me to start my business. Otherwise you can find me drinking coffee or eating tacos, climbing up a mountain (or skiing down), and pushing my two kids around town in the double stroller making pit stops for smoothies and playgrounds.



Hi, I’m Misa! I’m a certified health coach, educator, mom of 2 girls, and a wife. I enjoy exercising, cooking, being outdoors, playing with my family, and a night out with my girlfriends. My favorite place is the beach. I feel very lucky to live on the Seacoast with miles and miles of coastline to explore. Prior to staying at home with my girls, I was a first grade teacher for close to 9 years. I recently took a leap of faith, and decided to turn my passion for nutrition into a business! My mission is to help families make small, sustainable changes with their nutrition to improve their health. Connect with my on instagram @MisasCleanKitchen, Facebook page, and blog.


Seacoast Moms Contributors

I’m a mama from (and currently living in) Newmarket, NH. Aside from a short stint in Raleigh, NC, post-college for an internship at a genetic testing lab, and 4 years at the University of Connecticut, I’ve spent my whole life in NH. I have my Bachelors of Science in Diagnostic Genetics and a certificate in college ministry. Now I get to work with college students through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of New Hampshire. My husband, Alex and I, have a bio son, Xander who is 18-months old, and a little girl on the way. I’m an enneagram 8, and I’m always on a mission to save the world, but my hubby graciously reigns me in. Currently trying to change the world for vulnerable children, hoping to see all children thrive and be loved; foster care, disability advocacy and awareness are close to my heart.


Seacoast Moms Contributors

Hello, I’m Molly! I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and owner of Training Wheels Occupational Therapy in Portsmouth Originally from Rhode Island, my husband and I moved to the Seacoast by way of NYC. I eventually surrendered all of my high heels and now wear Birkenstocks as often as possible.

I lived without a kitchen for six months, while pregnant with a toddler when our house was under construction. Our boys are now two and five, and I am in the eternal quest for life-work balance. When my husband isn’t traveling for work, we are all helping to run his family’s apple farm!


Seacoast Moms Contributors

Hi, I’m Mollie! I didn’t grow up dreaming I’d work in a library but now I’m in my dream job! A children’s librarian in Portsmouth, I live with my husband and 8 year old daughter. While I am a transplant from the Midwest, I felt at home on the New England coast. After a few stops along the way, my husband and I happily settled here 17 years ago. While I do suffer from serious wanderlust, I am happy to treat it by reading excessively, talking to people about their travels, and going on adventures near and far.  

Rachel H.

Seacoast Moms Contributors

Hello, I’m Rachel! I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Maine. Now I live in Seacoast New Hampshire with my ruggedly handsome husband, our sweet son, dog, and two cats. I received my degree in Marine Biology from Hawai’i Pacific University and soon after graduating I moved to Boston and began working in animal medicine. A few years after getting married, my husband and I found ourselves moving to New Hampshire and expecting our son. Now we have a daughter as well! You can find me teaching yoga classes throughout Seacoast New Hampshire.

I have traveled a bunch, LOVE the ocean, I always have a thousand “projects” happening at once, love a good workout, and have found the perfect balance between lazy weekends and having adventures.


Seacoast Moms Contributors

I’m Whitney! I’m a clinical social worker and therapist with a private practice in downtown Portsmouth []. I’ve lived here for 13 years and I love living here so much, I imported friends from across the country. I live with my husband and our two kids who remind me what is important. I think that life is better when you are surrounded by people you love, that the little things in life are the big things and that there is nothing wrong with putting ice in my Chardonnay.

Courtney, Founder

Seacoast Moms Contributors

With an extensive background in public relations, brand strategy, communications and graphic design, Courtney felt an instant connection and desire to service and inspire this unique community when she moved to the Seacoast in 2015. Seacoast Moms Blog was launched in May 2015 and continues its mission to connect online, as well as offline, and to inform and empower the families locally and beyond.

She has a son and a daughter and fills her cup by volunteering at the schools and coaching various local leagues, surrounded by those who inspire her most–the kids! Local businesses and supportive content are what directed this project!