Savoring End of Summer Moments by Being PRESENT


Savoring End of Summer (1)

It is hard to believe that August is almost over. I mean, how did this happen? I am amazed by how quickly time creeps by me. I know, so cliche. But seriously. Someone told me today that a couple of stores already had Halloween decorations on the shelves. Oh.My.GOODNESS! I don’t know about you, but here on the Seacoast, it’s been close to 100 degrees and I have been melting. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around hoodies, jeans, and all things pumpkin.

Instead of looking completely ahead, I am trying to savor as much of summer as I can.

What has that looked like over here? Well, for me, it has been letting go a little more of what I think I should be doing. Like…routine, nap schedules, meal plans. I judge myself so harshly sometimes. Can you relate?

So these last few weeks of summer, I am doing what I can to be present.


Present in the moment when my daughter wants to blow bubbles outside.

Present in the moment when my six-month-old son takes a nap in the stroller instead of his crib for the millionth time because we are outside on a walk or at the park with friends.

Present in the moment when frozen pizza is the fastest dinner option because we decided at the last minute to visit a farm with fields of sunflowers and couldn’t take enough pictures because it was just so beautiful and fulfilling for our family.


I keep a mental bucket list of things I would like to do for summer fun, but most often than not, my husband and I do things on the spur of the moment. It’s just who we are and how we operate. This past weekend was an exceptionally hot weekend, and we we couldn’t stand to be inside any longer. So we decided to pack up the littles and head to the beach. It was almost 6:00 at night and (gasp!) we hadn’t even eaten dinner yet. My three-year-old was yelling that she wanted goldfish. Perfect. I poured some in a bowl. Dinner was served. By the time we got to the beach it was almost time for my six-month-old to go to bed. (Ha! Awesome mom over here.) Poor kid was exhausted, but he powered through while we swam and jumped waves and my three-year-olds chased sea gulls. He eventually fell asleep while being rocked and listening to the waves crash. And all was right with the world.

I find nothing more peaceful than the beach at night, and I find nothing more beautiful than seeing my daughter run as fast as she can into the ocean, trying to outrun waves, and hear her laugh uncontrollably. All of the effort to get out of the house was well worth every second to spend this time as a family.


There is something about just letting go. Letting go of the routine, the mundane. Letting go and jumping into what life has to offer at this very moment. But most importantly, truly taking in what you’re experiencing and savoring each second of it.

Put down your phone (unless you’re like me and are taking a gazillion pictures). Close your laptop. Turn off your television.




These moments are a gift that you will never get back again.


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Hello, I’m Colleen! I grew up in Massachusetts my entire life but have been living in NH for the past two years and absolutely love the Seacoast. I am a SAHM to two miracle babies and I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 14 years. I have gone through struggles such as unexplained infertility, a miscarriage, the roller coaster ride of adoption, and have just recently completed treatments for thyroid cancer. It is my passion to use these struggles for good and to encourage other women through the daily life of motherhood. An introvert by nature, I recharge by spending one-on-one time with friends. I will definitely take quality conversation over quantity because my typical conversations are primarily with my three-year-old centered around Daniel Tiger, poop and Curious George. When I have a free moment, I enjoy GOOD coffee (forget decaf or generic!), wine, running, all things pink, writing on my blog, and being at the beach.


  1. This is a lovely, thoughtful, post. Empty nesters tell me that when the kids are grown, I’ll miss the shuffle. It’s hard to imagine that now, but I suppose I will.

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