Social Distancing with Seacoast Nature Walks


As many of us hunker down and do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19, many see social distancing meaning we must stay in our homes. Wrong. Go for a walk, hang out in the yard (if you have one), and go for a nearby nature hike. While this is not the time to meet a friend for a walk (that’s NOT social distancing), it is a great time for a family outing in the woods. Try social distancing with Seacoast nature walks!

When exploring, remember to keep six feet from other hikers (who you don’t live with) and don’t use public facilities. Many of my favorite walks also had playground for children after the hike, however, I discovered yesterday that it is torture not letting kids play on equipment. To save you the tears of your children, the hikes with playgrounds below are starred (since at this time, we are advised not to be on playgrounds). 

Lastly, please take precautions for ticks. Ticks on the Seacoast and Lyme disease symptoms also include chills, aches, and fever. My local pediatrician recommended I only use DEET on my children. Lemon eucalyptus and other oil based repellents do not have sufficient side effect precaution data for babies and children. I also treat our hiking boots and some clothes with permethrin. Be smart and safe, and enjoy this spring outdoors.  

toddler on seacoast nature walk

Seacoast Nature Hikes 

The following trails are organized alphabetically by town.  Starred trails* have playgrounds.  Seacoast Maine towns at the bottom.  Each trail has a hyperlink that takes you to more information!


Winnie the Pooh Trail in Barrington, NH 

Stone House Pond in Barrington, NH


Dover Community Trail in Dover, NH 

Willand Pond in Dover, NH 


College Woods in Durham, NH 

Wagon Hill in Durham, NH 

mom and child hike gonic trails
Gonic Trails in Rochester with my kids


Henderson-Swaysey Town Forest Trails in Exeter, NH 

Phillips Exeter Trails in Exeter, NH


Blue Job Mountain in Farmington, NH 


*Great Bay Discovery Center in Greenland, NH 


*Little River Park and Trails in Lee, NH 


Kingman Farm in Madbury, NH 


Sweet Trail in Newmarket, NH 


*Peirce Island in Portsmouth, NH 

Peverley Pond Loop Great Bay NWR in Portsmouth, NH 

Rockingham Rail Trail in various towns 

Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth, NH 


*Odiorne State Park in Rye, NH 


*Stratham Hill Park and Trails in Stratham, NH 

Stratham Hill tower
My 3 year old at Stratham Hill Tower


Gonic Trails in Rochester, NH 

*Hanson Pines in Rochester, NH

Pickering Ponds in Rochester, NH

Seacoast Maine

Brave Boat Preserve in Kittery, ME 

Cutts Island Trail in Kittery, ME

Kennebunk Beach in Kennebunk, ME 

Fisherman’s Walk to Wiggly Bridge in York, ME 

*Fort Foster in Kittery, ME 

Mt Agameticus in York, ME 

Orris Falls and Balancing Rock in South Berwick, NH 

child walks Fishermans Walk
Fisherman’s Walk in York, Maine

I’ve enjoyed all these trails over the years. You can also check out past posts about nature trails. What am I missing?