Back to School: A Mom’s New School Year Resolutions


New school year resolutionsHappy New Year! New school year, that is. Though we’re still a good four months away from 2020, there’s something about September and going back to school that also sparks a spirit of new beginnings for me. Just like in January, I start thinking about ways I want to be better, do better and take BETTER care of myself. It’s a perfect time for this mom’s New School Year Resolutions. 

Here’s what I’m focusing on these next few months:

Fall Back to Better Bedtimes:

Anyone else’s bedtime routines go out the window during the summer? I find it particularly challenging to enforce any kind of sleep schedule in the summer when it’s still light out at 8:30 pm! Plus, I want to eek every last minute out of June, July, and August. Sometimes that means getting an after-dinner ice cream at The Beach Plum or reading just one more bedtime story. But the school year is inspiring (and forcing!) me to get that in check. It might be a shift of just 10 minutes at a time, but I’m determined to get us all in bed earlier and on a better family sleep schedule during the school year.

Treat Yo’ Back-To-School Self:

My husband thoughtfully gifted me a massage from The Wingate Spa. . . four years ago. Honestly, I think the fantasy has been enough. I just keep dreaming of how magical that massage will be and waiting for the perfect moment to reward myself with it—“after this work project’s over” or “once school vacation ends.” But I never do it. So, I am resolving to pick a day and book it. For me, it’s finally getting that massage. How will you treat yo self?

Treat Yo Self

Just Add Salt:

I am all sorts of intrigued by the apparent mental and physical benefits of Himalayan salt. So I’m dying to try out Soleil’s Salt Cave in downtown Exeter (this is true curiosity, not a paid endorsement!) I’ve never been, but I read that a session in their main cave is said to be “infused with the same amount of salt air you would breathe over the course of three days by the sea.” We’re lucky to have such easy access to beautiful Seacoast beaches, but I’m thinking of scheduling a session for when it gets too cold to hit the beach. So, knowing our weather, probably next week.

Minimize the Morning Madness:

When will I learn? How many early morning Tupperware-matching marathons must I endure until I finally prepare my son’s snack and lunch the night before? Maybe getting a better lunch box system would help? I could also save my sanity by planning outfits ahead of time. I need to listen to Cindy and get some of these (all of these) lifestyle accessories to make my life easier. Or maybe, dare I say, I could pack up whatever paperwork or materials that need to be brought into school for the next day? This is apparently what I think what 7:15 am is for. . . but what would I do with all my extra time in the morning if I planned ahead? (Note to self: Corollary resolution—Find a new hobby to occupy all my new-found time in the morning.)

Book It:

Once upon a time, I used to read for enjoyment. Like for an extended period of time, where I wasn’t even aware of the words and instead just melted into the movie unfolding in my mind. I was even a part of a book club (swoon). Today, if I’m being honest, my current book is mostly just a coaster for my bedside water. I’m starting small, but I’m hoping to incorporate just 15 minutes of reading into my day—maybe while eating my lunch or waiting in the pick-up line at school.

I’d really love to have a “family reading night” where we all get cozy in the living room and read silently to ourselves for 30 minutes. A girl can dream, right? 

Work In More Workouts:

I am going to get up every morning and work out before anyone else gets up.

I will work out three times a week. 

One workout. Whenever humanly possible. 

It appears my workout goals are evolving as I write them! Instead of putting specific parameters around what I’m going to do, I’m going to test out a few things this month and see what sticks. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Curb The Cashflow:

The Seacoast offers so much to do in the summertime, but I feel like the past few months I’ve been spending money like it’s my full-time job. For me, one way to curb excess spending will be better meal planning so I’m not as tempted to do lean on going out or taking food out. Even making my own coffee in the morning has been an effective way to save a ton of money each week. But have you heard— Starbucks is coming to Stratham! My new school year resolutions don’t have to deprive me of my true love (coffee) but they do mean I need to pick and choose where I indulge. Maybe I won’t go EVERY day. 


Are you making any New School Year’s Resolutions this year? Share what you’re hoping to do in the comments below!