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Six Tools for Handling Harassment and Co-Parenting

Part I of our series defined what verbal abuse and harassment is in a co-parenting relationship. Divorce can sometimes be challenging long after the...

Identifying Verbal Abuse and Harassment by a Co-Parent

You married. You had kid(s). Then you divorced and are a co-parent. This means that you remain inextricably tied and in necessary communication with...

Trick-or-Treating with My Ex’s New Girlfriend: Co-Parenting after Divorce

Flashback to when I was a young, twenty-something new elementary teacher: I loved teaching! Life was great, yet - the thing that kept me...

Moms: Remember to Make Room for Dad

There are oodles of resources out there for new moms, covering everything from breastfeeding and attachment parenting to sleep training and discipline. Moms are often...
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