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Six Tools for Handling Harassment and Co-Parenting

Part I of our series defined what verbal abuse and harassment is in a co-parenting relationship. Divorce can sometimes be challenging long after the...

Identifying Verbal Abuse and Harassment by a Co-Parent

You married. You had kid(s). Then you divorced and are a co-parent. This means that you remain inextricably tied and in necessary communication with...

My Crooked Path to the Family I Always Wanted

I always wanted a big family. As an only child, I begged my parents for siblings relentlessly. I loved my cousins' big families and...

Trick-or-Treating with My Ex’s New Girlfriend: Co-Parenting after Divorce

Flashback to when I was a young, twenty-something new elementary teacher: I loved teaching! Life was great, yet - the thing that kept me...

4 Mistakes I Made When Blending My Family

I met my future husband for the first time on Super Bowl Sunday of February 2012. He had 2 daughters. I had 2 daughters....

An Open Letter to My Husband’s Girlfriend

To My Husband's Girlfriend, You don’t know me. Well, not personally. You know what my husband has told you about me. So let me tell...

A Defense of Marriage: A Partner Worth Fighting With

This summer, my husband and I will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our marriage. It's been an incredible 10 years filled with ups and downs...
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