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White Lotus Physical Therapy

At-Home Visits with White Lotus Physical Therapy

I'm pregnant, I have two small children and loads of questions about how I should be moving my body at this point.  What can I...
Intimacy can come in different forms

Postpartum Intimacy: 5 Reasons Why IT Isn’t Happening

It's sort of ironic that my husband and I have 4 children, and yet intimacy is something we struggle with. It would probably be...

Why I Popped Pills Postpartum: The Perks Of Placenta Encapsulation

As was the case with many issues I didn't give a second thought to before becoming a mother myself, eating my own placenta was...
Pain after pregnancy

Why Every Mom Should Call White Lotus Physical Therapy: Pain in...

This post is sponsored. However, we would not promote or work with a company we did not find to be interesting and relevant to...

Seacoast Mommy and Me Workouts

Now that the weather is cooperating, it makes it easier to get out and about with your new baby.  Babies bring a whole new...
go ahead, cry over that spilled milk.

Go Ahead, Have a Good Cry Over That Spilled Milk

Sometimes all it takes is a bottle of fresh breast milk, a toddler, and a good cry. Whoever coined the phrase “don’t cry over spilled...

When You Don’t Bounce Back: The Weight of Holding on to...

Never did I think that at two-and-a-half-years postpartum, I’d have 30 pounds of baby weight to lose. Before I got pregnant, I was killing it...
Your Birth Story Matters...and a Seacoast theater event about birth

Your Birth Story Matters: Celebrate With Us Mother’s Day Weekend

Birth stories are incredibly powerful--and each of our stories matter. Have you shared your birth story? Have you processed your own birth experience? For most...
A Radical Postpartum Plan

After the Baby Arrives: A Radical Postpartum Plan

My first child was born via cesarean. Within the first 24 hours of his life, at least 12 different family members and friends visited us....
First days

Why I’m Choosing to Continue Breastfeeding my Son after One Year

Breastfeeding is a choice and a challenge. After all, parenting is like a marathon that we will always be training for. Here is my story...
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